Monday, June 16, 2003

AN EARLY LEAD: Last week, we announced the shallowest music competition in history - the only one that doesn't pretend to be interested in the music at all. So far - we suspect because people thought it was all a joke - we've only had one entry and, frustratingly, she's actually a really good artist as well as pretty damn cute. So, meet Sixx:

She comes with an endorsement from Pink, and we did consider disqualifying her on the grounds that she's equally wonderful with your eyes shut. But we shan't. You can hear her stuff at

At the moment, she's going to win by default. If you think you can stop her, email your entry now to Remember, this is the only Best Unknown Act contest that considers entrants purely on looks and not on musical ability; and it's open to girls, boys and bands.

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