Wednesday, June 25, 2003

FROM THE MAILBAG: Gareth Jones writes with some points:

i always use the toilets in borders on oxford street down here. i'm not sure if they're part of starbucks or borders though. there's signs saying you can't take books you haven't paid for in with you, which makes me laugh. they're so much nicer than going into mcdonalds. and it's open really late as well...

billy bragg. i have recently had 2 connections to the man. the tealady at my last job was friends with his mum. apparently his mum keeps 'special coffee' for when he visits. and my girlfriend is an au-pair for his former press officer. and i went round to see her a few weeks back and he was there. he's very big, and friendly.

We wonder what 'special coffee' means - Fair Trade? Does he refuse her Nescafe and so has to have the David Niven-endorsed Maxwell House? Or is he merely a Mellow Birds man?

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