Wednesday, June 25, 2003

LUSHfest 03: Another act brave enough to stand up and say "Hey, we're great, but we're also damn cute." It's interesting that the entrants so far are so much sexier than the ones you get offered up by Pop Idol, innit? Anyway, meet Afterchain:

You can read, see and hear afterchain at We're always frowned at when we call acts "a bit gothy", as if it's some kind of insult, so we'll say: brooding, industrial, slightly sinister. Good stuff. Erm... hang about, this is meant to be all about looks, isn't it? Gorgeous as well, then.

We're taking entries all through July for bands who want to throw their hats into the ring on this one - if you're sat there thinking "yeah... cute, but I'm cuter." And boys: that means you, too.

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