Sunday, June 29, 2003

I WANNA TAKE YOU TO A KARAOKE BAR: It's interesting - perhaps - that some radio station survey has found that Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera are the top choices of voices for karaoke singers. While neither are actually flat, neither are actually what you'd call good singers - if you want the proof, listen to Fighter - a great song which calls for a delivery like the Bodyline tour, but all Christina can manage is shouting like Cher with a nipple clap and a finger down her throat; likewise, you only have to play William's self-deluding swing album to see that his talent is incredibly limited. So maybe this is their appeal - they offer hope to those people who gather round the vidiscreen in Terryspoons to belt out I Will Survive or My Way with the scant diregard for register usually only shown by perpetual truants that they, too, could have a top ten hit. They're not stellar singers, they don't sound as if their voices were taught to them by the king of the birds; they can just knock out a song and carry a bit of a tune. They're alright singers. They have an attainable status.

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