Wednesday, June 25, 2003

TOP TEN SINGLES THIS WEEK: Puzzled by just who these Gartehs and Wills are? We've helped you, by bringing you the singles charts with the top Googlism for each artist. Except Jennifer Lopez, who we chose one a bit further down for:
1. If You're Not The One - daniel bedingfield is repeating like a mantra
2. The Last Goodbye - atomic kitten is out now
3. Dirrty - christina aguilera is the bomb
4. We've Got Tonight - ronan keating is boos op boyzone
5. Rushes - darius is better than us
6. Dilema - nelly is the rapper with a golden featuring kelly rowland is currently number one on the billboard hot 100 singles chart
7. The Ketchup Song - las ketchup is the surprise hit of 2002 "the ketchup song
8. Jenny from the block - jennifer lopez is virus
9. Don't let me down - will young is so sexy
10. United States of Whatever - liam lynch is a steller feller

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