Wednesday, June 25, 2003

THE VANITY FAIR ARTICLE THEY WOULDN'T LET YOU READ: Yes, we're expecting a riposte from jackson soon over the new Vanity Fair which claims he's not got a nose at all (the plastic surgery fuck-ups making Daniella Westbrook look like Jimmy Durante), calls afro-americans 'spabooks' in private (no, we don't either; nor does google) and the only hole bigger than the gristly maw where his nose once was is the financial one he's in - a healthy USD240m. That, of course, seems plausible not only because of the small pile of unpaid bills snowflaking in his wake, but it also explains why he sold his riposte to Martin Bashir's documentary - someone really worth millions and millions, wanting to clear their name, would not grub around to sell to the highest bidder - it's like a damsel in distress asking the knight to swipe a credit card before doing in the dragon.
And we don't know about the 'Fair's claims he hates being black, but we argued along time ago that when he sang "it makes no difference if you're black or white" it wasn't so much a plea for racial tolerance, as his way of saying '... and so, I'll be white, thank you."

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