Thursday, June 26, 2003

YOU HOPE BILLIE WAS WORTH IT: This just in: Chris Evans loses claim against Virgin. Evans had been trying to get GBP8.5 million he reckoned he was entitled to when the Menopause Station of Choice kicked him off the air. The High Court, however, has decided that it's Virgin who deserve compensation - they'd been seeking twenty million, the actual figure they'll get has yet to be fixed.
Can we just point out that we hated Chris Evans when he did Too Much Gravy, his little-lamented Radio One Sunday afternoon show, and haven't ever come across anything he's done to make us revise our judgement, so we do receive this news with a little degree of clementfreude (which is like schadenfreude, but slightly more hang-dog). All those years we had to sit through people telling us how great he was. All. Those. Years. Sure, he had some great scripts, ctsy. Danny Baker, but his delivery was always a little too smug, a little too 'this is ME.' We can't help but giggle that his one current contribution to British Broadcasting is as producer for a Terry Wogan chatshow. His ripples in broadcasting are perfect circles - once again, he has to fetch the coffee for the old guard of breakfast radio.

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