Tuesday, July 29, 2003

ANOTHER OVERHAUL, THEN: So, Andy Peters is going to have another overhaul of TOTP this autumn, the second in about two years and the ninety-fifth since the show first abandoned its basic, chart-hugging format. The Guardian's ratings figures in this piece should be taken with caution, mind: the relaunch edition did pull in 1.5 million more than were watching last week, but it was an hour-long special, was heavily promoted and as such would have expected to pick up a few extra viewers - especially as half of it wasn't up against Corrie.

But Andy, here's a clue: You play the number one. You then go down the chart, playing anything that's doing better than, or as good as, last week, unless they were on the show the week before. And so on, until the show is filled up. That's the format. No download charts, no new releases; no chats with the Fame Academy rejects in the Star Bar. I would also suggest presenters being drawn from Radio One djs, but that would mean Chris Moyles would be in on it, so let's not.

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