Tuesday, July 08, 2003

AT LAST, WE CAN SAY SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE BRITISH TABLOIDS: Poor Nicole and Liam might have to go and move away because of the press. Apparently they're sick of being followed around and written up all the time (which is kind of funny, as until they went asqwarking to the papers today we'd not read anything about them with any prominence since... god, probably Patsy Kensit, actually.

We're not sure how amused the good people of Toronto will be at being cast as a place so desperate that it's used by her in the sense of "it's so serious, we might even go and live in Toronto."

But don't get too busy affixing bunting of joy to say tara to Liam just yet - apparently, Nat and Nicole's efforts to promote their album will keep them here for the time being. Listen, loves - it came out in bloody February. Anyone who wanted a copy would have bought it, and already swapped it for a Beyonce single long since. There's no point in you trundling about doing PAs in the Wigan MVC any more; you're not going to shift any more copies. No, you and Liam go off to Canada. We'll forward your post for you.

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