Friday, July 04, 2003

THE CASE CRUMBLES BEYOND DUST: You know which artist has joined the group moaning about how they don't want customers to pick and choose the tracks they want because it ruins their 'artistic vision'? Kid Rock. Kid Rock. Yeah, it'd be a shame if someone, like, dude, perverted his... whatever... vision.

Seriously, we should take Kid's worry that people buying only the tracks that were listenable would render his entire back catalogue worthless - erm, unappreciated. Here's the Kid himself describing his music, to show us just how important every single word, chord and even every pause is: "Music today is in a big fog. A haze if you will. No one’s sure where it’s going, but I like that I’ve got the best set of fog lights out there." You wouldn't want to switch off some fog lights, would you?

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