Thursday, July 17, 2003

EDEN - THE FALL: Wirral's not-shabby Eden Festival (comprising a huge green fair, and the likes of Ian Brown, Ray Davies, Har Mar Superstar, Pink Grease, The Bees and, um, The Levellers has been cancelled due to last-minute objections to the licence from what the organisers call 'statutory organisations.' In short, the council decided that the organisers couldn't cope with the projected numbers. Of course, this was actually to be the first of the big officially-designated Cultural Events at the heart of the Liverpool City of Culture hoo-hoo to have come since the place was awarded the title. Let's hope it's not an omen. Because if Merseyside can't cope with 40,000 people over a weekend, how are they going to deal with the millions projected for 2008?

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