Monday, July 28, 2003

FAME ACADEMY: We happened to see this on Saturday, and we think we spotted why the last series was rubbish. Poked amongst the boys and girls who could have been shaken from a packet of Hear'Say flakes, there were two interesting and engaging personalities - a bloke with overtones of a Danny Ladytron/Jarivs Cocker nature - whose name we didn't catch - and a belter called Ladonna from Birmingham. Obviously, both were kicked out, leaving the Sneddonesque. If this happens every time they're loading up the Academy, aren't they going to end up with the blandest of the bland? (NB: Look at last year if you don't get the hint). Really, in everyone's interests, there should be some sort of way of ensuring a mix in the show (You know - some people who aren't conventionally attractive, some people who can sing) - maybe by not leaving the casting up to people with mobile phones?

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