Friday, July 04, 2003

GREAT VENUES OF OUR TIME: The Morville Hotel in Rhyl booked singer Heidi McGeough to play on Christmas Day. Then they found out that she had a guide dog, muttered something about - oh, yes - a guest having an "allergy" and pulled the booking. She, unsurprisingly, took 'em to a tribunal and won her case.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. Phil O'Dwyer, the managing director of the hotel, has said that he's going to appeal and sue Heidi for, um, something. One of the reasons the hotel lost the case was because, erm, they didn't offer any defence. Talking to the Daily Post, he said ""We didn't know about the legal case." And, with the next breath says "We had letters threatening us with this and that but we took no notice." Righto, then. There's your grounds for appeal right there, then. What sort of court finds against a person simply because they couldn't be arsed to read their mail? Are we living in Italy or something?

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