Wednesday, July 09, 2003

HOW MUCH DID YOU GET FOR YOUR SOULS?: Now, as we've said before, we drink Nescafe and eat KitKats and would love nothing more than to sink our teeth into a Crosse & Blackwell Christmas Pudding (with a jar of brandy butter) one last time, so we can't pretend that we're all moral and upstanding when it comes to the thorny issue of Nestle. However, the comapny's record on baby milk in Africa and its recent demands (later abandoned) that Ethiopa stops worrying about its bloody starving people and pop a large cheque through the company's letterbox means its a brave or foolish man who'd stand up and take the company's Francs.
So: is David Bowie being brave or foolish in appearing in ad for the company's Vittel Brand? And, indeed, shouldn't we have the feeling that we've been cheated that he's choosing to resurrect Ziggy Stardust for a mere TV commercial?

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