Tuesday, July 29, 2003

LEMONBALLS: Rockrage has more about the Limp Bizkit trashing. The band were playign as support to Metallica, and even Metallica fans aren't that dumb. They'd been booing the very mention of the name Bizkit during the earlier support, and the boos turned to trash-lobbing as soon as Fred and the boys took the stage. It seems at first Fred thought the catcalls were some sort of badge of honour, and tried to encourage them (although, of course, merely by not fucking off there and then he was doing that), but when he suddenly twigged that the crowd actually did, indeed, hate him and his young teens version of rebellion, he started to rant and, revealing his true colours, decided that calling the town of Chicago 'gay' would be a lacerating insult.

The highlight of all this is that he took a lemon in the place where his bollocks would be. We don't know why someone would have taken a lemon to a Metallica gig; we don't want to know. But we do wish they'd had a coconut, too.

[NB: Hey, kids, it's not cool to throw things at bands onstage. Unless, of course, the band have been encouraging you to do so.]

Fred managed twenty minutes before running off stage to hide. Your way or the highway, Fred? Your way seems to be the highway.

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