Thursday, July 17, 2003

NEXT TARGET: SUING ALL OTHER UGLY, BADLY DRESSED MORON BANDS: Metallica really are dicks, aren't they? I mean, really, really fat dicks. Okay, we could see their point over the whole Napster thing - hey, if we were of limited intelligence we might even have agreed with them, and made that \m/ sign thing for them. But now? They're launching a legal action against a band for using the chords E and F. "We're not saying we own those two chords, individually - that would be ridiculous" says Lars, which is, of course true. But no more ridiculous than trying to say you own the two chords in that order, and that anyone who writes a song with them in should credit them and pay fifty percent of the royalties for songs which use them. The target of a band who apparently have become so detached from reality that they probably think they can fly is Unfaith, a Canadian act who deserve all our support, I think.

If it wasn't Metallica, we'd assume stuff like this was just a gimmicky stunt: "Metallica's lawyer, Jill Pietrini, said the band decided to take legal action only after first sending a letter of complaint to Unfaith singer/songwriter, Erik Ashley. "They continue to shamelessly feature the two chords on their website song samples and we just can't have that," she said.

update... so, it did all turn out to be too good to be true [see above] - although makes you wonder who actually does fact-checking for Ananova...

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