Thursday, July 03, 2003

POP PAPERS PLUS: It appears that Mel from the Daily Star left the NME almost as soon as she arrived, and this may or may not be connected to her not really having much love of music (if you recall the tales the Peel used to tell in the dark days of Radio One about certain djs not even owning record players, you'd be in the right ballpark, we're lead to believe). The job is wide open again - good news for if the Mirror's 3AM girls ever fall out with each other, there.

Meanwhile: the nme obviously thinks its readers are a bit lame. Last week, there were flyposters for the magazine with the strapline "all the sex, drugs and rock and roll you need" - the r&r might have been, indeed, knee-deep, but apparently all the drugs a nme reader needs is an odd-tasting guarana bar and all the sex? TWO condoms.

Although that might be overstating their sexual appetites - the Glastonbury survey (we told it we'd climbed over the fence - teehee) asks 'when did you have sex?' and instead of checkboxes allowing multiple occasions to be recorded, has radio buttons implying they expect if any noodling or furtling went on, it was on one occasion and one occasion only.

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