Wednesday, July 02, 2003

THE SONG REMAINS THE ZANE: We don't remember Zane Lowe being quite as... shouty or American-ish when he was on XFM (we're about twenty minutes into his new evening session show, thanks to the Listen Again function on the Radio One site), and it's possible that his style - closer to Wolfman Jack in delivery; nearer to Doctor Fox in content - might get a bit wearing after a while, but it makes a change to hear some excitement over both music and doing a radio show for their own sakes. The show's relaunch wasn't hurt, either, by an early exclusive from Muse - Stockholm Syndrome, which will be available for download from their site on the fourteenth of this month. It's quite an extraordinary beauty, too - as much operatic as anything. We'll remind you when you can go and scrape it off the web for yourself, of course.

Anyway: For now, a massive improvement over Colin; we're reserving judgement on the comparison with Steve. (Interestingly, Zane started the show thanking the previous incumbents of the slot - Jo Wylie, Colin and Steve. We didn't expect a mention of Liz, Kid or Janice, but... somewhere, Mark Goodier must be sobbing into three thousand undistributed Wise Buddha brochures).

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