Thursday, July 10, 2003

TWENTY FOUR HOURS OR SO: We're not going to be adding anything of interest tomorrow (so, no change there then) as No Rock is going minibreaking and taking it's ill body off to bed. We'll leave you with the following to mull: Junichi Saga has clearly, uh, 'inspired' a great chunk of Bob Dylan's lyrics - rather than railing and taking him to court and demanding money (a la Cat Stevens, say), Saga has just suggested that a credit might be nice if the album gets repressed; Megaman nothing to do with stabbing of Dizzee Rascal, but if he'd stayed at home and helped bandmate Kaish keep Battersea Zoo open he might stop being in the neighbourhood of trouble; and isn't the supposed Britney revelation that she fucked Justin Timberlake until his eyes bled about as surprising as police investigating a disturbance arresting the nearest member of the So Solid Crew first?

See you on Saturday.

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