Monday, July 28, 2003

YES, YOU CAN - BUT WHY?: We suppose Roxio must think its worth relaunching the Napster brand for its not-very-detailed-new-download-service, but we're not so sure. "97 per cent of online music users recognise the Napster brand" they say hopefully, as if that would be justification enough, but is it going to work merely slapping it onto any old music-related service? Never mind the fact that 'napster 2.0' won't even be launching until Christmas (they hope) and so it'll be a cyber age since anyone used the service, the Napster brand had the values of slightly dodgy, edge-of-legality behaviour attached firmly to it. How would that connect itself to a legal, dull download service? And if the brand is so strong, why are Roxio having to try and stoke interest five months before going live?

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