Wednesday, August 06, 2003

ADVERTISED INTENT: There's no real reason why a celebrity shouldn't sell his soul for advertisers - we know what Bill Hicks said, but they do have to put food on the table. It's more the choice of product which is the grounds for concern (Kenneth Williams once said he was doing the talking toilet spots "not for the money, but in the interests of hygiene"). So, "He'll always be Lil to us" Bow Wow hooking himself to Campbells Soup - is that a wise choice? It is soup, which seems to be about as far from the street as you can get, but, on the other hand, it is Campbells, which always has the Warhol connection to raise it above the level of general mush.

However, the clinching argument is that that other great kid's cartoon character, Yogi Bear, endorsed a competitor's product when he did the Heinz Big Soup campaign. Which means that Lilly Bow Wow has probably thrown his hat into the wrong ring.

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