Thursday, August 21, 2003

THE AUTUMN AXE MASSACRE CONTINUES: MediaGuardian describes critical reaction to the freshly dumped Johnny Vaughan Tonight show as 'mixed' - see, Tony Allen, that's how you mark a death, with positive spin. I mean, they're not lying, there was a mix of reactions - from 'Bloody hell, that's rubbish' to 'well, at least it's not the [also axed] Dom Joly thing'. We're kind of sad, though, as it did give a regular slot to Lauren Laverne, who was head of the houseband. Maybe they should get her to host a replacement? Or move the band to a re-activated RDA, which should have been allowed to stay in the slot all along, anyway. To be fair to Vaughan, and to risk sounding like Parkinson, his problem with the chat show was he's a presenter rather than an interviewer, and so putting him in a role where he was expected to play second fiddle to a guest was always a bit of a duff idea. We're not looking forward to his position now, though, where he'll be blowing through the BBC looking for a format to carry his salary. You know what? Maybe Top of the Pops might work.

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