Tuesday, August 05, 2003

BLU INTO VIEW: Simon Tyers writes, further to yesterday's chart update:

You've kind of glossed over it, but what about Blu'n'Sean at number one?

After a week when usually very wrong Telegraph correspondent Neil McCormack and Radio 1's playlist clerk had a blazing row on 5 Live about the support the station gives to British acts - McCormack claimed that of 20 records on that week's A list 17 were American, when it was in fact 9 from 19, and if you add the B list it was still only 13 from 40 - the new number one by some distance is a record they didn't give a sniff to, even more unlikely when you consider Cantrell's one other hit was all over the station at the time and Sean Paul is a guaranteed A-lister. Additionally it's not been ripping commercial radio playlists or TV shows apart and I couldn't hum it to you yet this has beaten the unforgettable Lumidee - which shares a rhythm track with Wayne Wonder and the last Sean Paul single, of course. Frankly, answers on a postcard.

The whole 'Radio One is anti-British' thing was something we never really quite got round to mentioning - mainly because it seemed to be an extra stick being used to batter the BBC until something better (Sara Cox's figures) came along. We'd assumed that B&S had been picking up support from commercial radio, which we don't often get to hear - apart from when the office puts Virgin on. Could this be a genuine hit made in the clubs?

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