Wednesday, August 13, 2003

FACELESS MAN TO CONTINUE MAKING BLAND MUSIC FOR NON-EXISTENT FANS: Matt Johnson, who was apparently one of One True Voice is to continue putting out pitiful little songs in a reedy little voice despite the band being stood down from active service. He's going remain with Jive, attempting to turn his failure with the band into a major, solo disaster as well.

Sorry, but how did they decide which one they were going to keep? It reminds me of when I last moved and was forced by the landlord to cut my cats down to just one. As with 1TV, one had run away shortly before the decision had to made, but after that, it became virtually impossible to choose between them. The difference being, of course, that the cats were all equally lovable and, in the end, it was Peel, the one who was the most nervous who got to stay. With 1TV, we can't imagine what criteria they applied:
"if we go for the one with the standard inside leg, it'll make it easier to get his stage gear off the peg at Mark One"
"yeah, but the tall one would be handy to have in the office when we need to get that quarterlight window opened"
"ah, but with his height, he'll be a real asset in any branch of Kwik Save - the stocky guy hasn't got that to fall back on."
"I suppose we're not allowed to see which ones would be willing to provide oral service, are we?"

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