Friday, August 22, 2003

THE FEATURES TABLOIDS REJECT: is seeking out people who look like Jack and/or Meg White and are going to Reading, who "would like to see your face in the nme" (If they look that much like one of the Whites, surely their face would be in the paper every week?). Clearly this is for some 'amusing' photo story they've got planned. What larks, eh?

We note that the purse strings at Kings Reach Tower seem to be getting drawn ever tighter, mind: it's no good if your own mother couldn't pick you out a line-up with you and Meg in it unless you've already forked out for your own ticket - the IPC massive isn't going to give up one of its freebie passes, is it?

Rather hearteningly, the paper makes it clear "this offer is on a first come, first served basis," suggesting they believe Berkshire is going to be knee deep in White Stripe lookalikes with nothing better to do than fill some space in the title. We wonder if the faux Meg will have to take her bra off?

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