Friday, August 22, 2003

THEY KISSED US AND IT FELT LIKE A SLAP: Sure, the news that Placebo are preparing to release an album of their cover versions is great, and tantalising, and makes us all moist - Molko doing Running Up That Hill? It couldn't be any better if he wore a leotard and did Wuthering Heights. Except... the disc is only being made available as a double pack with a re-released Sleeping With Ghosts. Since the people who'd be most likely crying with joy (and sod the mascara) at the rarity party would be the staunch Placebo fans, and they're the people who most likely would have bought the album on day of release, instead of seeming like a gift from the ladyboy gods, this comes across as little more than a cynical attempt to get them to buy the album all over again to get the "freebie."

Record companies wonder why people don't feel any guilt at downloading songs off the internet, you know.

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