Sunday, August 03, 2003

FIRST LINES - FIRST RESPONSES: In response to our first ever Weekend Question, the early adopters prizes go to Terry and Barbara.

Terry writes: I hate Elvis Costello but I do like: "Oh I just don't know where to begin" from Accidents Will Happen, if only for the good use of "oh"

Mmm, and when you're talking about the very first syllable, you also have to consider the Wedding Present's Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft, where Gedge manages to sum up the whole bitter-hurt-and-pissed-off song in his opening "Oh... (why do you catch my eye then turn away?)"

Barbara Flaska, one of the team behind the ever-excellent popmatters suggests: "The night was still / And the moon was yellow", the opening to Wilson Pickett's (amongst many others) Stagger Lee.

Any other suggestions for truly great opening lines to songs? Send 'em in to

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