Saturday, August 16, 2003

HLP IM BN MGGD: Such is the way society is, police are calling on V festival goers to text crime reports to them. Detective Constable Marie Hyden said "Most festivalgoers don't want their weekend interrupted by having to report things to the police and having statements taken", and we can see her point but if someone sees someone's head being stove in with a half brick, is the good officer Hyden standing up in court saying "If I might consult my Nokia, your honour? At 13.13 I received a message saying 'COPS - BLK BN RBBD @ CMP XIT :-('" really going to form the basis of a succesful prosecution? And isn't the suppsoed inconvenience of making a statement part of the ways that you can be fairly certain that the reports aren't mallicious? If you can cause trouble with a text, wouldn't that be a tempting way to settle scores?

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