Tuesday, August 05, 2003

HOW ABOUT JUST MAKING RECORDS GOOD AGAIN: Unbelievably, one of the ideas being floated to "save" the single is cutting CD singles back to two tracks. Maybe the singles market wouldn't have been in quite as much ordure as it is now if they'd not cut the number of tracks on CD singles from four to three (if I recall correctly, it was because bands like Westlife were having trouble coming up with enough material) without dropping the price of the single at the same time. Is a 33% drop in content really the way to suggest to people they shouldn't just go off and download the track for free?

Amongst other ideas is - go figure - that maybe releasing singles for radio play up to thirteen weeks before they're in the shops might not be the most sensible business model to stick to. It falls to Johnny L, though, to gruffly point out the best thing they could do is to stop releasing a pile of cack and wondering why it's all going to landfill.

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