Monday, August 04, 2003

HOW DESPERATE IS HE?: We can see the thinking behind Elton John's commercial activities - why bother pumping thousands into making videos which would only be shunned by MTV and Flaunt anyway when you can sign up to do an advert? They pay you, you're a star of such stature you can insist they use the new single, and instead of being lodged in the mire of some godforsaken digital channel, you get your new single in front of people at the break during Corrie. It makes a sense, of a certain type.

On the other hand, doing first The Post Office and then bloody Sky Sports suggests there is a flaw in this plan: viz. he's associating himself with some really duff brands. And in the current Sky new Football season advert, he also looks rubbish - in a cheap, baggy trackie, like he's nipping up to the Moby for a packet of Rizlas and a Picnic bar. Did they not have a mirror in the dressing room, Elton?

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