Thursday, August 21, 2003

I'LL BET ITS REALLY HIS TRAINER-LOVE THAT DID IT: According to The Sun, Craig David and his girlfriend Sofia Vergera have split up because she's sick of him mooning about over Beyonce. Now, we know that The Sun has the most impeccable journalistic standards - anything less, and how would they be able to keep up their skriking against the BBC's? - and so when that paper tells us that "Craig has known Beyonce since she started out in Destiny’s Child and they have stayed close friends" that this must be a True Fact that they have checked with more than one source. It's incredible, though, because Beyonce started out in Destiny's Child in 1990, when Craig would have been a nine year old kid living in Southampton. Maybe she bumped into him outside the Joiner's Arms?

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