Friday, August 01, 2003

MORE REASONS WHY WE LOVE NENA: Not only because, yeah, we had a kindacrush on her when 99 Luftballoons was out (German girls rock... although we never hear from any German girls at No Rock - mail us and prove you're out there - but because she's tossed off Robbie Williams. Not like that. He'd asked her to do a duet when he plays Germany, then he withdrew the invitation. She points out that that's just plain rude but then, crushingly, sniffs "I'm not that bothered. Worse things could happen to you", clearly implying that there's a very long list of worse things than not having to share the stage with a talentless ego-trolley - ingrown toenails, traffic jams, forgetting to turn the calendar on the first day of the month, the top of those individual servings of Marmite not lifting cleanly... oh, we could go on...

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