Wednesday, August 13, 2003

NOT THAT THEY'RE BULLIES OR ANYTHING: Clear Channel are attempting to force a much smaller, rival company out of business. Another Planet, started by former Clear Channel employee Greg Perloff, booked a Springsteen gig into San Francisco's Pacific Bell Park. Clear have decided that the only way such a thing could have happened would have been if Perloff had "stolen trade secrets" while working for them. Now, there may be something to this, there might not (although to give Clear Channel a hint, if you want to stop people slipping out with their contact books, give them an environment to work in they won't want to leave). What really stinks though is the attempt Clear Channel made to get Another Planet's share of the Bruce proceeds frozen by the courts while the legal issues were being debated. In other words, not only was it bringing a spurious and terribly bitter legal action against a small competitor on what seem like vaguely pouty grounds, but it wanted to add to the financial strain on that competitor by fucking its cash flow even further. Yeah, Another Planet might turn out to be in the wrong. But even if it is, Clear's clear attempts to railroad another company out of business through legal jiggery-pokery is very Robert Maxwell, and hopefully will be remembered when the anti-trust case against them is being considered.
[Props - if that's the phrase - to rocktober]

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