Wednesday, August 13, 2003

AVRIL STILL TOPS SOME CHARTS, THEN: An interesting breakdown of the RIAA Subpoenas by Slyck News shows the main artists who the RIAA are setting out to protect, according to the number of times their tracks appear in the legal papers. Number one on the list is Avril Lavigne; also frequently cited are U2, Ludacris, Norah Jones and Michele Branch - the investment protection aspect is obvious. More interesting are the artists whose names appear only once - including The Thompson Twins and Leo Sayer. We notice also quite a lot of mis-spellings, too (Michlle Branch, the Popbitchy Marvin Gayc and The Eurythmies. If the RIAA can't be arsed to check the spelling of the people they claim to be protecting, shouldn't their paperwork be sent back to the law room?

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