Monday, August 18, 2003

OH, WE CAN BUT HOPE: It's probably just a variant of his usual 'pity poor me' schtick, but Robbie Williams has said he's tempted to throw it all in. He's sick of people coming up to him all the time and there being people camped outside his house and so on, and that he'd rather (rather?) be a Mr. Nobody. Robbie, if you're serious, this is the first thing we've ever agreed on - we'd much rather you had no profile or singing career, too. Can we help? Perhaps if we lived outside your house for a week - would that do it? Or got a troop of people to traipse up to you?

Who knew that Robbie Williams could do something that would make us tingle with excitement?

The other thing we love about the report on Ananova is this bit:

Robbie is reported to have spent £200,000 on a Ferrari and friend Jonathan Wilkes has been teaching Robbie to drive in the grounds of the star's home.

I mean, there's not even any pretence any more, is there - short of putting quotes round 'friend' could they be any less subtle?

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