Friday, August 01, 2003

PITY POOR LARS: James Hetfield finds the 'suing over chords' story funny, so maybe Metallica do have a sense of humour after all. But apparently, all those cruel words thrown out about them hurt them boys, you know. Especially Lars. "It's so easy to call us greedy" sniffs James, implying we just don't understand. But I don't think anyone ever did say that Metallica were being greedy - the substance of the charges against them was that they were stupid (not understanding the dynamics of downloading, or its implications) and acting like playground bullies (beating up on their fans). If poor ickle Lars sibbed himself to sleep because people found his actions rancid, how does he think the kids who suddenly got their heroes threatening to drag them through the courts felt? The Rocky Mountain News' stringer seems to think that someone (he doesn't suggest who) owes Metallica an apology because "the industry is now in disarray over downloading and is filing lawsuits against downloaders as well" (erm, except it isn't; the RIAA is attacking uploaders) - but since the industry is aping Metallica, and they're just as wrong as the band were, and the industry supported Lars' actions in the first place, who's exactly meant to have decided they were in the wrong here?

Hetfield seems to think that as soon as a new target comes up, people will stop laughing at The Band Who Sued Their Own Biggest Fans. Here's a hint, Lars: there's plenty of webspace spare to pop at you forever.

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