Monday, August 11, 2003

THE RIAA ARE GOING DOWN IN MASSACHUSETTS: A judge agrees that the RIAA can't sit in DC issuing subpoeanas trying to force colleges to name students in Massachusetts. The RIAA calls this a "limited setback" and mutter about how it's merely procedural, don't you know - but what it has done is suddenly upped the amount of work the evil cabal will have to do to get colleges to give up the names of file-sharing students. What it also does it provide a fairly sharp example of how shit the RIAA's legal team must be - god knows what they're paying them, but to make a simple slip like this must be really embarrassing to the RIAA, musn't it? It makes the Corporate Music Industry look a whole heap of bungling amateurs. (Admittedly, so does their release schedule and they money they pump into Mariah Carey, but even so...)

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