Monday, August 11, 2003

SIGHT UNSEEN: Normally we'd think twice before we suggested you send off your precious pounds for a product we've not seen, but today, we throw caution to the gentle breeze and say go and place an order for Issue Zero of the London News Review. For [edit]five pounds[/edit] you'll get a fiver off the full subs, a packet of stuff and a magazine which - coming from the Friday Thing stable - is probably going to be worth it (and may also be the reason their Paul Carr is kicking Ian Hislop all over the mediaGuardian). But don't take our impartial word for it, instead, here's what they promise:

LNR was created to fill a huge gap on the magazine shelves. All over Britain, people (ourselves included) are banging their heads against the metal shelves in WH Smiths, frustrated that there is absolutely no magazine that speaks both for them and to them. They buy Private Eye for 'Warballs'; they buy Time Out for the reviews; they buy the Guardian but throw away everything except G2; they buy the New Statesman for the cover story and Mark Thomas; they buy Word for the interviews; they buy The Week and wonder what all the fuss is about; they even buy the occasional copy of Heat and remember when it used to have a backbone.... but they are still left hungry for more.

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