Wednesday, August 27, 2003

THAT'LL SHOW 'EM: Can you spot what's wrong with the following paragraph?

Almost three years after their breakup, Rage Against the Machine will stick it to The Man one more time with the release of the CD/DVD Live at the Olympic Auditorium, due November 18, according to an Epic Records spokesperson. [Source: MTV news]

Unless we've missed something, and Epic Records have turned over night into a whale-hugging co-op, how exactly will sticking out a(nother) contractual-fulfilling collection of previously released material (albeit this time with some extra shouting, crowd whoops) stick 'anything' to the Man? "Oooh, that Rage Against The Machine have really got me scared now" writes The Man "I just hope they don't take it further and start to release Best Of and Greatest Hits compilations into the Christmas markets in the coming years. Why, that would just about be the end of me..."

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