Thursday, August 21, 2003

THIS MIGHT COME AS A SHOCK: Eminem's uncle announces that Eminem "often got a thrill" when Kim brought home another woman. We know we're supposed to assume from this that Eminem is a virile, two-chicks-at-once type of guy. We're just wondering if the thrill was more along the lines of "good, she's got someone in to do that for her, I can concentrate on my magazines with chessmen in them tonight."

Uncle continues: "Why would you not want a wife that has other women waiting for you? It's every man's dream, right?"

Erm... Eminem and Kim divorced in 2001. So there must have been some reason, then. In a week when it turns out he didn't even manage to get beyond the simpering stage with Mariah, he's not looking the stud, is he?

While we're at it: why is it impossible to be in a bed with two other people without 'romping'? It's always a three-in-a-bed romp, isn't it?

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