Tuesday, August 12, 2003

THIS WENT ASTRAY: In a hurry, we managed to post this to a defunct blog last Thursday, instead of here. It's still relevant:

MUSIC CHANNELS? PIECE OF PISS: We're actually a little bit confused by the numbers quoted by MediaGuardian in their report on the sudden departure of Lester Mordue, head of Sky Music's channels - they seem to swap between various forms of audience measurment, but you don't need to be an expert to see that they're being outgunned by the competition. Which is a bit of a shame, really, as The Amp is actually quite good, if you like Placebo and the White Stripes. They do seem to be implying that Sky has only received a 2% share of all viewing of music television this year, but then for the first quarter they weren't available. Plus, MTV's impressive looking 56% share is spread across MTV, MTV2, VH1, VH1 Classic, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Base and TMF, and EMAP's 39% share is drawn in by The Box, Smash Hits, Kerrang, Kiss, Q, The Hits and Magic - so not only have they both had twice as long to amass their viewing hours, but also have done so over twice as many stations. So it's not quite as grim as we'd be lead to believe for Sky. However, they've put someone from their pisspoor Travel Channels in charge, so we expect things will be getting much, much worse pretty soon.

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