Sunday, August 17, 2003

V... FOR VICTORY... YOU UNDERSTAND? GO... TELL YOUR FRIENDS: The website - credit where it's due - has done a cracking job covering the V Festival as it happens, which is quite touching for The Festival Nobody Really Cares About (aka "No, really, I prefer V to Glastonbury, honestly, I love Chelmsford in the summertime..."). You can tell V is the slightly wheezy brother to Reading and Glasto by the live coverage on ITV2, that repository of programming which is so poor it doesn't even displace ITV Nightscreen on the senior service. The downside of having a crack team of journos at the two sites is that they've not got very much to report on - faced with stories like one of the appletons says one of the Liams might come tomorrow, David Gray quite dull and Dave Grohl not playing drums with Killing Joke, you just hope that today they get something meaty to report on.

But if nothing else, kudos to the nme for naming PJ Harvey star of the show. Once again, she makes us wish we'd been there:


Although we're a little curious as to why she was wearing exactly the same outfit that she had for the Big Day Out...

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