Tuesday, August 05, 2003

YOU SHOULD BE OVER THIS BY NOW: Hey, Nicholas Gully punched me in the belly when we were ten, but you know what? I've let that go. So why is Eminem still brooding over the school bully? And why is the school bully brooding over young Marshall? I'm sure this has something to do with the American habit of High School Reunions, whereby you drag yourself back to spend an evening making small talk with people who tried to set fire to your locker with you inside it like you liked them to begin with, and/or impress people who, if you had any sense, you wouldn't have ever seen again after leaving school anyway. I'm sure some Americans will be quick to point out that the British have our own problems (often nanny-related) but it's not like we throw parties in their honours. Anyway... the bully is trying to sue Eminem - most amusingly because he thinks being named on 'Brain Damage' has ruined his chances of launching his own music career. Eminem has now run to hide behind the dinner lady of the court, calling for the case to be dismissed. This happened in sixth grade.

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