Tuesday, August 05, 2003

THE HOARY YAWNFLAKE (dyswwdt?): Taking advice from Three Counties Radio's third-biggest star might not be one of major priorities of Andi Peter's TOTP review, but just in case - and because these things drop off the page eventually, we'll fillet this from Media Monkey:

"Speaking on Christian O'Connell's Xfm breakfast show ex-BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis had some sage advice for Andi Peters as he takes over the helm at Top of the Pops: 'Remember, it's rock and roll, mate'. The hairy cornflake said: '[TOTP] has been over for the last eight or nine years...in those days it was fun. Radio and TV has to be fun and nowadays people take it all too seriously. It's not brain surgery, it's rock and roll mate...we had Legs and Co in our day, but now every female has to have her stomach showing and their arses hanging out and it devalues it, you need a little bit of this and a little bit of that.' Ah get off the fence would ya, DLT."

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