Monday, September 15, 2003

CAN THEY ACTUALLY VERIFY THIS?: We note a banner for AOL currently cropping up on our screens as we click through websites which claims that "My AOL" is "where pop stars let their hair down" - do they have any actual evidence for this? Are they suggesting that if I use their messenger service I might come across, say Christina Aguilera looking for advice on how to get black dye out of your best bath towels? Or is this an unsupportable claim (or "lie", as we're fond of calling them.) I suppose it's not impossible that some people who are known for making music might use AOL as an ISP, but is there any proof that you'll find any pop star in any of the add-on services?

NB: If someone's claiming to be Britney Spears and saying they're sat there tweaking their nipples and touching their moistness, I'm guessing it's not really going to be them. This time, either.

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