Monday, September 15, 2003

THE KIDS IN THE HALL: It's the 79th most exciting awards in the rock calendar again, as the nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have been announced. This time round, George Harrison is the front runner, despite already being in there as a Beatle. If he wins, it'll leave just Ringo without the duplicated entry, which sends a terrible message to drummers around the world, don't you think? We can see this leading to a whole drummer's strike unless someone nominates Ringo sharpish.

Also up are Jackson Browne who, let's remember, didn't do anything to Darryl Hannah; Prince - who has looked in danger of falling foul of the criteria by seeming as if he might still have a decent record or two left in him yet; and John 'where's the cougar, matey?' Mellencamp. It's the first time in the paddock for them; people who have been previously sent off with an F in their E's but prepared to humiliate themselves all over again include The Sex Pistols (shouldn't they be against this sort of thing? Oh, sorry, I was thinking of the characters they played for a moment...); Black 'Ozzy on MTV can't have hurt' Sabbath; ZZ Top, Gram Parsons and Lynryd Skynner. Yes, Aalyiah also died a tragic young death but she and Left Eye will have to wait for a few years before their premature blood converts into a 'coveted' place in the Hall of Fame. The Stooges are also up for entry again, on the grounds that nothing has killed Iggy so far so it's quite likely he might never die.

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