Saturday, September 20, 2003

FENCING POST: John Dalglish writes:

Surely the reason that Glasto sells out so quickly these days is down to the fact that it's much harder to get over the wall?
I've never been myself, but anyone I know that has been never paid to get in.

I suppose that could be the case; and the security does have a whole lot fewer holes in it these days - one year just after I got back, I met up with a bloke who worked at the same place I did; he'd been down there doing security. He told me that next year he'd cheerfully photocopy a security pass for me and he'd tell me which hole to try in the fence to get in. (I should point out at this stage that I didn't take him up on his kind offer, which was more because I really didn't fancy being sucked into the whole dodgy-mutual-back-scratch culture he represented). They've changed their security since then. But I can't imagine that the fence-jumpers have all turned into good citizens overnight; and I'm not sure it explains why the event sells out so much more quickly than it used to.

This year, though, they had one central ticket seller, which must have sped things up; and I guess online sales are now commonplace in a way they couldn't have been in the mid-90's.

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