Tuesday, September 16, 2003

NOW, IT'S A TREND. STOP IT BEFORE IT BECOMES A RASH, OR AN EPIDEMIC: Even before the queue to return Madonna's ridiculous kiddies book had formed, another musical act have lumbered into view waving a half-assed kid's tome about. This time, it's they might be giants who have reckoned a kid's book is the sort of piece of piss that can be knocked out in a few minutes. Yeah, They Might Be Fucking Giants. I wouldn't let them hold a phone book, never mind write a children's book.

Of course, one of the Housemartins - the one who didn't go on to shag zoe Ball, or join the Beautiful South, or burn down his neighbour's house - now makes a living doing children's books, so it's not like it's an unprecedented move. But we just hope the current trend stops before R Kelly decides it's time for him to have a crack at doing a book for young ladies.

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