Saturday, September 20, 2003

RING OF IRE: Ade Rixon, who does big bubbles, emailed to suggest it's odd that we didn't link to Louisa Young's Johnny Cash obituary:

Notable for this part, which shouldn't come as a surprise but sometimes we need reminding:
"This is how he's choosing to communicate, I realised. By singing. Which from a singer is not unreasonable - in fact it's possibly more right, more true, than answering interview questions."
(Although I realise that No Rock would lose most of its raison d'etre if
every inarticulate tosser in a band took this advice.)

Thing is, we'd been meaning to get round to collating a bunch of the best of Cash obits but... never quite managed it - since we seldom take the blame for anything unless we have to, we're blaming the lack of broadband at the moment... But, yes: splendid piece of writing. The Guardian also had a personal piece from Nick Cave, as well, which may be the best thing Mr. Cave has ever written (and this comes from someone who quite liked And the Ass Saw the Angel...)

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