Thursday, September 18, 2003

THE TICKET LINE: Gareth Jones emails us with an interesting point:

interesting reading about the glasto ticket plans. i see the nme also mentions the 'priority for students' idea again as well.

what i don't really understand is the way the festival has grown over the last few years, i started going in 97, and apart from 2000 i've managed to get tickets easily. i didn't bother going in 2000, and i'm not sure if it sold out, and if it did it probably wasn't until quite soon before the festival started. even last year i managed to leave a few weeks before i got round to buying the ticket. this year i managed to get mine on the first day only as i had the internet at work.

maybe the way forward is to announce the entire line-up before the tickets go onsale. that might put a lot of people off, and that v04 would be better after all.

or maybe they could have another mudyear.

And when we come to think of it, he's got a good point. The first time we went to Glastonbury in 199something, we got our ticket the Tuesday before; the coach station was flogging tickets (legitmately, we might add) on the day we travelled down. And the last time we went, when it was muddy, even then we bought our tickets only a couple of weeks in advance. We suppose the sell-out culture is tied with the move from the focus of the event being music and charity to being a BBC Two, Guardian endorsed type affair. But we like the idea of releasing the bill to dissuade people buying tickets - they could also start a rumour Fred Durst will be playing.

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